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Report: Assad’s regime carried out chemical attacks on Aleppo

Reports released by the HRW claim proof of chemical weapons attacks carried out by Syrian Army on Aleppo; UNSC Joint Investigative Mission to issue report on Saturday



Reports released Monday prove that Assad’s regime used chemical weapons in its last days of its battle to retake Aleppo.

The reports were released by Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Monday following weeks of investigation and gathering of evidence. According to their reports, approximately 200 people were affected by chemical attacks between November 17 through December 13, 2016. Assad’s regime reportedly used chlorine bombs during its last battles to take Aleppo from rebel forces.

According to the Human Rights Watch, at least nine people were killed, four of which were children, the organization confirming “The attacks, some of which included multiple munitions, killed at least nine civilians, including four children, and injured around 200.”

Proof of the attacks includes medical reports of the victims, photos and video footage. Proof that the Syrian Army carried out the attacks is evident, according to HRW’s Deputy Emergencies Director Ole Solvang, by the “strong indication that these chlorine attacks were coordinated with the overall military strategy. And it is a strong indication then that senior military officers, the commanders of this military offensive in Aleppo, knew that chlorine was being used.”

The United Nations Security Council is set to take measures to further investigate the attacks, its Joint Investigative Mission to issue a report this coming Saturday.