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Putin claims missile sale to Iran “pose no threat” to Israel

Netanyahu speaks with Putin over arms deal; Netanyahu and Ya’alon address dangers of Iran and world powers current agreement

Putin and Netanyahu (Marc Israel Salem)

Putin and Netanyahu (Marc Israel Salem)

Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin Tuesday on Russia’s arms sale to Iran of advanced anti-aircraft missiles.

On Monday, Russia confirmed that it would sell Iran S-300 air defense missile systems to Iran, the sale originally made in 2007 and halted in 2010 due to United Nations Security Council sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

Iran reportedly plans to receive the missile system by the end of the year as stated by head of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani.

A spokesperson for the Kremlin stated that “One the whole you can say one thing – from the juridical point of view there are no longer any constraints on deliveries now that the decree has been signed” confirmed the oil for goods barter deal between Iran and Russia.

Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon addressed the deal in regards to the framework agreement made between world powers and Iran last week, stating that “The S-300 deal that we are hearing about now is a direct result of the framework agreement that was reached in Lausanne. This is what we were warning about even before the details were agreed.”

A statement was released from Netanyahu’s office “expressing Israel’s dismay at the decision” and that the arms sale “will only encourage Iranian aggression in the region and further undermine the stability of the Middle East.” Netanyahu additionally stated Tuesday that “This sale of advanced weaponry to Iran is the direct result of the dangerous deal on the table between Iran and the P5+1. Can anyone still seriously claim that the deal with Iran will enhance security in the Middle East?”

Putin responded stating that the missile systems “is purely defensive and will not pose threat to Israel or any other country in the Middle East.”

The arms deal comes following reports from Israel of Iran increasing its weapons shipments to Hezbollah and Hamas.

Iran however claims that the deal with Russia will contribute to “lasting security” in the Middle East, Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan stating on Tuesday that “The development of bilateral cooperation [with Russia] and with neighboring countries in various fields can be very effective for lasting stability and security in the region.”