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Prime Minister Netanyahu begins Latin America tour in Argentina

PM speaks at two ceremonies commemorating terror attacks by Iran/Hezbollah on Israeli embassy and AIMA; Netanyahu: Today, just as in the past, Iran instigates terrorism all over the world (Photo: Netanyahu FB), September 12, 2017.

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Prime Minister Netanyahu arrived in Buenos Aires Monday, kicking off his ten-day tour in South America and the United States.

Netanyahu is the first sitting prime minister of Israel to visit the region, continuing to make history as he increases Israel’s relations with Africa, the Arab world, South America and Europe.

Upon arriving in Argentina, Prime Minister Netanyahu reported on his itinerary that started off with participating in two ceremonies to commemorate the terror attack on Israel’s Embassy in 1992 and the AIMA in 1994. He stated “We began an historic visit today to Latin America, beginning with Buenos Aires. I’m going from here to two memorial services. One, at the Israeli Embassy that was blown up here, and the second – with the Jewish community center, that was also blown up here. Both by Iranian and Hezbollah terror.”

Speaking on September 11th, he referred to the shared pain of the United States and Israel commemorating terror events from its past stating “We share the pain, we know the pain, we felt it. But we also understand the pain of our American brothers and sisters, who are marking today an event of enormous magnitude – the September 11 bombings. We share your pain, and we share the commitment to fight this evil and wipe terrorism off the face of the earth.”

During his address at the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association ceremony commemorating the 89 people killed in a terror attack carried out by Hezbollah in 1994, he centered his address on Iran, a threat then and even more so today. He stated “Today, just as in the past, Iran instigates terrorism all over the world. Just as two and a half decades ago, when Iran was the one to lit the fuse of the explosive that hit Argentina twice. Iran initiated, planned and carried out the terrible terror attacks through its proxy, Hezbollah.”

He called on the international community to put “full responsibility on Iran, publically and definitively. It is time to do justice for the victims. It is time to denounce the accused,” reaffirming that Israel will do what it takes to defend itself stating, “Israel is at the forefront of the struggle against global terrorism. We will continue to act with determination to defend ourselves against the aggression and terrorism of Iran and terrorism in general.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu will continue his visit in Argentina where he is scheduled to meet with Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes. Netanyahu and his wife will continue to Mexico on Wednesday followed by Columbia before heading to the United States where Netanyahu will meet with President Trump and address the United Nations General Assembly in New York City.