Palestinian youth attempts to stab IDF military police in Hebron

Second thwarted attack in week; Terrorist taken in for questioning and security heightened.

IDF soldiers at checkpoint (FLASH90)

IDF soldiers at checkpoint (FLASH90)

A Palestinian teenager attempted to stab an IDF soldier at a checkpoint between Hebron and Jerusalem in the West Bank.

The IDF military policemen thwarted the attack and arrested the youth where he was taken in for questioning.

The attempted attack comes just one week after an attack on an IDF officer in Hebron and an attempted stabbing on an IDF soldier in East Jerusalem.

The attempted attack in East Jerusalem was carried out by a Palestinian teenager who attempted to stab a border police officer with a butcher’s knife. He was shot and killed by IDF soldiers.

A Palestinian man stabbed an Israeli Border Police Office in Hebron who was guarding the Tombs of the Patriarchs. The attacker stabbed the officer several times in the neck and head, and was shot by a second IDF soldier and later died from his wounds.

The IDF have taken measures to increase security in Hebron.