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Palestinian United Nations engineer indicted for aiding Hamas

Second report of humanitarian aid workers in Gaza Strip aiding Hamas; UNDP reports probe into “accusations”


Israel’s Security Agency (Shin Bet) announced the arrest of a United Nations humanitarian aid worker from the Gaza Strip, the UN employee charged for supplying Hamas with construction materials and information.

Waheed Borsh, a senior employee of the United Nations Development Program, was arrested two weeks ago, a gag order placed on his arrest given an ongoing investigation. His arrest is the second announced in the past week of humanitarian aid workers in the Gaza Strip abusing their positions to fund and support Hamas.

According to initial reports, Borsh worked for the United Nations Development Program as an engineer since 2013, the program centered on “development and rehabilitation projects for the Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip, which include assisting in the rehabilitation of housing damaged during armed conflicts”. Borsh had been reportedly directed materials and information to the terrorist organization, confessing to notifying Hamas when tunnels were located by the IDF so they could remove arms, as well as aiding in the construction of a naval site for Hamas.

Last week reports were released to the public of the arrest of the regional director of operations for World Vision, Mohammad El Halabi, a resident of the Gaza Strip, who was responsible for systematically redirecting millions of dollars to Hamas, Halabi reporting over 60% of donations designated to the region as having been stolen to support the terrorist organizations’ efforts, estimating around $7.2 million annually.

Halabi’s indictment includes “12 charges of security related offenses such as transferring information to an enemy entity, membership in a terrorist organization, multiple violations of the law prohibiting the funding of terrorism and contact with an enemy agent, among other charges.”

As with World Vision, the United Nations Development Program stands by Borsh, stating that the UNDP “is greatly concerned by the allegation from the Israeli authorities… a thorough internal review of the processes and circumstances surrounding the allegation.”