Oldest complete copy of Ten Commandments Dead Sea Scrolls on display in Jerusalem

Display will be for two weeks only due to condition of the scrolls

The Ten Commandments Dead Sea Scroll (AP)

The Ten Commandments Dead Sea Scroll (AP)

Israel’s Antiquities Authority displayed the world’s oldest and complete copy of the Ten Commandments at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the display to continue for two weeks during the “A Brief History of Humankind” exhibit.

It is the first time the manuscript has been displayed, the short period of its exhibit due to condition of the artifact and the need to keep it stored in a climate-controlled and pitch facitlity to preserve Dead Sea Scroll.

The 2,000-year-old Dead Scroll is one of several manuscripts which were discovered in the south of Israel near the Dead Sea outside of Jerusalem.

The exhibit includes several historical objects spanning over thousands of years all found in Israel, from skulls from the oldest found family burials to hunter-gather tools and transitions pieces to civilization.

The exhibit comes before the Israel Museum in Jerusalem’s 50 year anniversary.