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Officials from Singapore arrive in Israel for talks on joint technology projects and innovation cooperation

Just one month after historic visit from Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong  to Israel, meetings held on technology and innovation cooperations; Projects estimated around $8.2 million; Joint projects in fields of technology innovation and development between Israel and Singapore estimated at over $170 million


Senior officials from Singapore’s technology and innovation disciplines arrived in Israel Wednesday for meetings with Israeli counterparts focused on increasing future technology innovation and cooperation.

Singapore’s delegation includes Singapore’s Chairman of Economic Development, Singapore’s Chairman of Defense Science and Technology Agency and a diverse board of hi-tech officials. Israel’s delegated are the General Director of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, representatives from the Ministry of Finance and Avi Hasson of Israel’s Innovation Authority. Representatives from Singapore’s Industrial Research and Development Fund will be in meetings with officials from Israel’s Innovation Authority and Israel’s Ministry of Economy and Industry.

Cooperation between Singapore and Israel in the areas of technology development through numerous ongoing projects have yielded much success and cooperative agreements over the past seven years.

The meetings will center on over $8.2 million in joint projects between Israeli and Singaporean companies. To date, a reported 150 joint projects have been implemented, totalling over $170 million in funding.

Chairman of the Israel Innovation Authority, Mr. Avi Hasson stated on the meetings and cooperation between Israel and Singapore “Technological cooperation between Israel and other countries on research and development, especially with technologically advanced countries like Singapore, highlights Israel’s prominent position as a technological leader and the influence of Israeli technology on the entire world. The cooperation between Israel and Singapore has borne technological rewards that benefit not just the two countries, but the entire world.”

Mid-April, Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong made a historical visit to Israel, the first visit by a prime minister from Singapore to the State of Israel. Loong’s four-day visit to the Jewish State, along with a delegation of 60 including his wife Ho Ching, was centered on talks with Israeli officials, specifically in the areas of economy, security, increasing trade cooperation and cyberspace.

Netanyahu spoke of the similarities between Singapore and Israel, as well as the cooperation benefiting both states stating “There is a deep friendship between Israel and Singapore. We have so much in common. We are small nations that leave a very large imprint on the world scene… we have built dynamic, prosperous economies, despite our small size and our limited natural resources. The economic success of Singapore, I think, inspires the entire world. The transformation of Israel to a technological powerhouse on the global scene, I think, evokes a similar admiration. Innovation and entrepreneurship have allowed us both to punch well above our weight. We both understand that strong economies with a very powerful incentive for enterprise are the foundations of strong countries, and our cooperation with each other has made each of us even stronger. Today we are anchors of stability and strength in our respective regions. And we are working together in many fields, diverse fields, including water management, biotechnology, and we’re going to talk on this visit about intensifying our cooperation in cyber security, and of course in many, many other fields.”