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Obama: Iran deal could lead to political transition in region

In interview to air Sunday, Obama addresses nuclear deal while Congress still reviews


President Obama addressed American foreign policy in the Middle East, stating that the final Iran nuclear deal, which is still under review by Congress, was “better than any alternative” and would allow for further progress in the region and improvement in US-Iran relations.

Obama stated in an interview over the weekend that the deal will contribute to improved relations with Iran, as well the fight against ISIS. He stated that “Is there the possibility that having begun conversations around this narrow issue that you start getting some broader discussions about Syria, for example, and the ability of all the parties involved to try to arrive at a political transition that keeps the country intact and does not further fuel the growth of ISIL and other terrorist organizations. I think that’s possible. But I don’t think it happens immediately.”

Obama was asked in the interview about any military option in which he reportedly responded “I have a general policy on big issues like this not to anticipate failure. And I’m not going to anticipate failure now because I think we have the better argument.”

His comments correlate with a 2-page letter sent to the president, from 29-leading American scientists praising the nuclear agreement. The letter congratulates Obama and claims that the deal will “advance the cause of peace and security in the Middle East and can serve as a guidepost for future nonproliferation agreements.”