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Obama Administration appoints “Lead Coordinator for the Iran Nuclear Implementation”

In step towards implementing nuclear deal, Mull appointed; Obama Administration to begin to waiver sanctions on October 18


The Obama Administration appointed Ambassador Stephen Mull as “Lead Coordinator for the Iran Nuclear Implementation” on Thursday. The former American Ambassador to Poland and Executive Secretary of the State Department from 2010-2012, will oversea the implementation of the nuclear deal made with Iran.

The United States, Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency will begin preparing the “deal’s formal implementation” in the coming months, US officials announcing that October 18th will be “adoption day”, the day in which the Obama Administration approves waivers for US sanctions on Iran.

Secretary of State John Kerry stated on Mull’s appointment that, “as important as it was to negotiate the nuclear deal with Iran, implementing it was going to be even more crucial in meeting our national security objectives. That’s why today I am so pleased to announce the appointment of Ambassador Stephen D. Mull as Lead Coordinator for Iran Nuclear Implementation. As we move past the 60-day Congressional review period, it is vitally important that we now have the right team with the right leader in place to ensure the successful implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which will make the United States, our friends and allies in the Middle East, and the entire world safer.”

Kerry stated on Mull’s responsibilities, “Steve will lead the interagency effort to ensure that the nuclear steps Iran committed to in the JCPOA are fully implemented and verified, and that we and our partners are taking reciprocal action on sanctions, following the nuclear steps…. within State his team will rely on support from the bureaus with lead responsibilities in relevant policy areas, such as our support of the IAEA and sanctions issues. Interagency coordination will involve the Departments of State, Treasury, Energy, Homeland Security, Commerce, Justice, and Defense, as well as others in the intelligence and law enforcement communities.”

He stated, “As we move forward with JCPOA implementation, the Department and the entire Administration will continue to work closely with our partners and allies in the region to deepen our security cooperation and to counter Iran’s destabilizing behavior, including its support for terrorism. These concerns and others related to Iran will continue to have the attention of the highest levels of the Department and the U.S. government.”