Netanyahu on new government priorities: Radical Islam is lapping at all our borders | Behold Israel

Netanyahu on new government priorities: Radical Islam is lapping at all our borders

PM represents new government to Israeli President; Addresses radical Islam, need for alliance with neighboring states and “responsible political settlement” with the Palestinians

The 34th Knesset heads (GPO)

The 34th Knesset heads (GPO)

Prime Minister Netanyahu formally presented the 34th Knesset to Israeli President Reuven Rivlin in Jerusalem today. The Prime Minister and the new heads of the Knesset were photographed with the President, Netanyahu addressing radical Islam as priority for the newly formed government.

Rivlin stated on the 61-seat coalition that, “A narrow government must be, and is able to be, a good government as long as it is faithful to its internal cohesion, and to the public interests of all the citizens of Israel.”

Netanyahu stated the 34th Knesset will be met with several challenges, stating that “This government has been established at a time of great challenges and opportunities,” Netanyahu said. “Our first challenge is to ensure the security of Israel in the face of accumulating threats around us. Radical Islam is lapping at all our borders, nearly all in the form of factions and forces led by Iran and other radical elements.”

On the peace process with the Palestinians, Netanyahu stated that the new government would find a “responsible political settlement” within the Palestinian Authority and added that alliances with states in the Israel would also be priority, stating, “Many states in the area have joint interests with us and see eye to with us on the dangers. We will make every effort to translate that partnership into peace.”