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Netanyahu meets with Hillary Clinton

PM finishes US tour, meets with Trump and Clinton; Netanyahu: No matter what the election results, next U.S. president will continue strong alliance with Israel


Prime Minister Netanyahu met with United States presidential candidate Hillary Clinton just hours following his meeting with Donald Trump on Sunday. Both Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer and Clinton’s senior policy advisor Jake Sullivan were present during the meeting.

There were few reports given of either meeting, but Clinton’s campaign stated that their meeting focused on Clinton’s commitment to Israel’s security as well as discussion on Iran, Syria and a two-state solution. Her campaign stated that Hillary affirmed that “a strong and secure Israel is vital to the United States’ and ‘reaffirmed unwavering commitment’ to the relationship.

The Office of Prime Minister Netanyahu stated on their meeting “Prime Minter Netanyahu discussed with Secretary Clinton a broad range of issues relating to advancing peace and stability in the Middle East as well as the potential for economic growth through technological innovation.”

Following his meetings with Clinton and Trump, Netanyahu addressed Israeli press stating that “It is important for Israeli citizens to know no matter the election results we will have a friend in the White House. The next president will continue the strong alliance between Israel and the United States.”

On his tour in the United States, which included meetings with over 15 African leaders, President Obama and his address before the General Assembly, Netanyahu stated “We broke down the automatic block against us affecting our position in the United Nations. I want to break down our isolation in the international arena.”