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Netanyahu to meet with President Obama in November

PM to travel to Washington in November, to give General Assembly address in NYC late September

Netanyahu and Obama in the White House  (Avi Ochion, GPO)

Netanyahu and Obama in the White House (Avi Ochion, GPO)

Prime Minister Netanyahu is scheduled to travel to Washington in November to meet with President Obama. According to Israeli media, the prime minister will meet with Obama on November 9th.

According to the White House, the meeting will be centered on US-Israeli relations and cooperation, threats in the Middle East region and Russia’s increased military involvement in Syria. A spokesman stated, “It’s an indication that despite our well-known differences on even some key issues, the bond between the United States and Israel, when it comes to our security relationship, is unshakable.”

Netanyahu last visited the United States in March 2015, where he addressed Congress on the dangers of a nuclear agreement with Iran. Obama refused to meet with the prime minister during his visit.

Netanyahu will travel to New York towards the end of September, where he will continue his campaign in protest of the nuclear agreement made between world powers and Iran. He will speak before the United Nation’s General Assembly and reportedly meet with Secretary of State John Kerry.

On Thursday, United States Senate Democrats blocked the Republican’s attempted resolution to disapprove the Iran nuclear deal made with world powers. The vote, 58-42, was two votes short of the 60 needed to move to a final vote.

Two hours after the vote, the House passed House Resolution 411, which claims that Obama did not comply with section 2 of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015. Under the law, the House Parliamentarian may not recognize the 60-day congressional review period until all agreements related to the nuclear deal (side agreements) are given to Congress. By the law, Obama would not be permitted to lift sanctions against Iran until Congress completely reviews the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and votes to disapprove or approve based on reviewing all documentation.