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Netanyahu: Israel seeking ways to treat wounded Syrians in Israel

PM announces Israel actively seeking ways to treat Syrians, mainly women and children, in Israel in order to “mitigate some of the suffering”

Netanyahu’s public address on Monday evenings (GPO)


Israel is actively seeking ways to treat and provide medical assistance to Syrian civilians affected by war, particularly in Aleppo, Prime Minister Netanyahu announcing Tuesday that Israel is prepared to take in wounded.

Speaking before a foreign press event Tuesday, Prime Minister Netanyahu confirmed he has informed Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to find a way to treat Syrians, mainly women and children, in Israel. He stated “We see the tragedy of terrible suffering of civilians and I’ve asked the Foreign Ministry to seek ways to expand our medical assistance to the civilian casualties of the Syrian tragedy, specifically in Aleppo. We are prepared to take in wounded women and children, and also men if they are not combatants. Bring them to Israel, take care of them in our hospitals as we have done with thousands of Syrian civilians. We are looking into ways of doing this. It is being explored as we speak.”

Speaking on the ongoing conflict in Syria, Netanyahu stated he was unsure of a solution for Syria, but that Israel would “mitigate some of the suffering,” stating “Will it come together and be a unified Syria? I doubt it. I think you have enclaves there and they are not about to disappear, but the suffering is great, and the one initiative we took is to help… thousands of Syrians who are sometimes mutilated beyond belief. We help them. I offered to do more today. I don’t know if we can resolve Syria, but we can help mitigate some of the suffering. That is the best that Israel can do.”

Israel has been actively assisting Syrians for years, treating victims of the war since it built its field hospital in 2013. A reported 2,000 have been treated by the IDF and Israeli doctors.

And the Israeli initiative “Just Beyond Borders” continues to raise funds, passing $273,000 on Wednesday. The funds are to provide much-needed aid for children and victims of Syria’s civil war. The crowdfunding campaign is entirely made up of donations from Israeli citizens and is one of many initiatives, including clothing drives that have been held through out Israel.