Netanyahu: Israel’s doors are open to Russia and Russia’s doors are open to Israel

Israel delegation inaugurates “Open a door to Israel”; Netanyahu meets with Putin

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Prime Minister Netanyahu met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow Tuesday, their visit marking 25 years of resumed diplomatic relations between the State of Israel and Russia.

Israel’s Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel was also part of Netanyahu’s delegation to Russia, Ariel signing a memorandum of understanding with Russian Agriculture Minister Alexander Tkachev.

Their meeting was centered on Syria, combatting terrorism and improving economic and trade cooperation between Russia and Israel. According to the Prime Minister’s office the leaders were to discuss “various regional issues including the global fight against terrorism, the situation in and around Syria and the diplomatic horizon between Israel and the Palestinians, as well as bilateral economic and trade cooperation and the strengthening of cultural and humanitarian ties.”

As part of 25 years of resumed diplomatic relations between Russia and Israel, Israel’s delegation to Russia inaugurated a public relations campaign called “Open a door to Israel”- an exhibit highlighting Israel’s achievements in culture, technology, education and science. The inauguration was held at the Manege Exhibition Hall, Netanyahu giving a speech in which he stated:

“Israel’s doors are open to Russia and Russia’s doors are open to Israel. We are marking 25 years since the resumption of relations between us, and not only in culture and technology, but in so many other fields as well. All of these things are being shown here in this innovative exhibit.

But there is also a human bridge of over one million Russian-speakers who are our bone and our flesh, but who also come as goodwill ambassadors of a deep sympathy, Israeli citizens who emigrated from the former USSR. Those who were born and raised in the country absorbed much Russian culture and music. We have just come from the moving ceremony for the unknown soldier and the tunes that were heard are tunes that we remember from our childhood; thus, there are bonds of sympathy and empathy between Israel and Russia, with a common past that has tragic chapters for both peoples, but also a very strong willingness to grasp and develop the future and move forward in creating a better future.

My wife and I and our entire delegation are very moved to be here and it is an honor to dedicate this exhibit on this occasion, 25 years since the resumption of relations.”