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Netanyahu calls UN report on Gaza War “waste of time”

Israel issues domestic report on Operation Protective Edge amidst intentional efforts to create reports accusing Israel of war crimes

Prime Minister Netanyahu (AP)

Prime Minister Netanyahu (AP)

Israel released a report on Operation Protective Edge’s legality over the summer of 2014 amidst international efforts accusing Israel of committing war crimes.

The report was released before the release of a UN war crimes investigation, Israel hoping the Gaza inquiry will be dropped.

Addressing his cabinet in his weekly meeting, Prime Minister Netanyahu stated that Israel “will act everywhere and as necessary in order to contend with false claims and anti-Israel initiatives” stating that the reading of the upcoming UN Human Rights Council report would be nothing short of a “waste of time”.

Netanyahu stated that, “Whoever wants to know the truth, let them read this report… Whoever wants to continue with baseless blaming of the state of Israel, let them waste time reading the report by the UN commission. We, for our part, will continue protecting our soldiers. They will continue protecting us.”

The Palestinian Authority has been pressing for war crimes against the State of Israel, joining the International Criminal Court following a vote of no support from the UN Security Council on a sovereign state of Palestine.

Several international NGO’s, many of which are part of the BDS Movement, continue to lobby and place pressure on international bodies to investigate and charge Israel with war crimes as well as convince businesses, academic institutions and export/import partners with Israel to divest and boycott from the State of Israel.