Merkel announces run for fourth term amidst leaked proposal for EU military force | Behold Israel

Merkel announces run for fourth term amidst leaked proposal for EU military force

Leaked document shows Germany’s strong press for EU military force; Merkel announces fourth-term run


A leaked proposal from the Christian Democratic Union of Germany claims that Germany is moving forward with the creation of a European Union military force. The leak comes just one day following Angela Merkel’s announcement she would run for her fourth term as German chancellor.

The leak from the “Orientation in difficult times – For a successful Germany and Europe” proposal claims that “Germany will play a decisive role in further development of the European Union’s joint security and defense policy. For us there is no contradiction between a strong NATO and moves to strengthen the EU- they are two sides of the same coin.”

The leak comes following the European Union’s agreement on a defense plan last week. The defense plan would allow “sending rapid response forces abroad” in order to deal with crises without any interference from the United States. The plan is a 16-page listed of goals and aims for the defense plan, the plan calling for increased funding for defense projects. The defense plan has been a major priority for the EU following the election of Donald Trump.

British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon called for European states to set up their own defense spending, stating “Rather than dreaming of a European army, the best approach to the Trump presidency is for European countries to step up their own defense spending.” Britain has blocked several similar proposals in the past in favor of working with NATO.