Manhunt still underway for Tel Aviv gunman who shot and killed two on Friday | Behold Israel

Manhunt still underway for Tel Aviv gunman who shot and killed two on Friday

Security forces still searching for gunmen; Reasons for shooting still unconfirmed; Two rockets fired into Israel- IAF retaliates on Hamas targets


Israeli police and security forces are still conducting a massive manhunt for the gunman who shot and killed two, wounding 6 others.

The gunman’s identity is under gag order, but Israel’s Police Force confirmed the man is an Arab-Israel, 29, from the village of Wadi Ara in northern Israel. The shooter’s identity was confirmed after his father reportedly noticed his mug shot on the television and informed the police.

The gunman opened fired on a popular Tel Aviv Street, shooting and killing Alon Bakal, 26, and Shimon Ruimi, 30.


The gunman

Reports from Israeli media claim that the terrorist had Islamic motives for the attack, members of the gunman’s family claiming he had mental health issues, his former lawyer stating he is “not of sound mind”.

Israel police and security forces continue to search for the gunman, and have questioned his family and confiscated his computer. Special forces have been dispatched through out Tel Aviv, with security forces believing he is still in Tel Aviv. High security and border police as well as IDF deployment in the city have been put in place.

And on Friday evening, the Israeli Air Force retaliated with airstrikes on several Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip following two rockets fired into Israel on Friday night.

The rockets landed in open fields, causing no damages or injuries.