Lockheed Martin unveils Israel’s first F-35 stealth jet | Behold Israel

Lockheed Martin unveils Israel’s first F-35 stealth jet

Delivery of 2 F-35’s scheduled for 2016, 33 purchased; IDF to install cyber defense technology in jets


Israel will receive its first advanced F-35 Lighting II stealth jet Wednesday, delivery to Israel scheduled for later this year, making the Israel Air Force the first air force with most advanced 5th generation aircraft in the Middle East and first country outside of the United States to acquire F-35’s.

Israel has named the aircraft “Adir”, Hebrew for “Mighty”.

Israel intends to purchase 50 F-35’s but has currently only purchased 33 with a reported goal of acquiring over 75 Adir aircrafts in total. Two F-35 squadrons will be based in Israel’s Nevatim base with an expected six aircraft to be delivered to Israel annually through 2021.

The F-35 will be revealed in a ceremony at the Lockheed Martin Aerospace Company in Texas on Wednesday, Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman to be in attendance. Several IAF officials will also attend the ceremony.

The IAF also announced Wednesday that it will install cyber defense solutions to the jets. The F-35 is capable of carrying over 16 tons of bombs and missiles and is most unique for having the most advanced stealth technology of any aircraft.