Israelis raise close to $250,000 to provide aid for Syrian children | Behold Israel

Israelis raise close to $250,000 to provide aid for Syrian children

Crowdfunding campaign raises close to $250,000 to provide humanitarian aid for Syrian children; Groups hold clothing drives and donations through out Israel


An Israeli initiative “Just Beyond Borders” has raised close to $250,000 towards providing much-needed aid for Syrian children in just a few days time, surpassing its goal of $100,000.

The fundraising campaign is one of several Israeli humanitarian aid initiatives committed to assisting Israel’s neighboring country amidst its ongoing civil war following the take over of Aleppo by Assad’s regime.

The initiative is a crowdfunding campaign that started on Thursday and has taken off in Israel and continues to succeed in raising donations. Thousands of Israelis both domestically and internationally have been donating money and supplies for Syria since the takeover of Aleppo.

The initiative has been focused on raising funds to buy blankets, jackets, medicine, emergency supplies and food rations for Syrian children in need. All the supplies are to be transferred to Syria by the Israeli Flying Aid organization.

The campaign’s website calls on Israelis to remember the Holocaust and Jewish history, calling on the Jewish people to remain committed and to act on that commitment to never allow a tragedy like the Holocaust to occur ever again.

The campaign highlights that “Mere kilometers separate us from the hell taking place just beyond our border. We share the same sky with them. Two months ago, on the eve of Yom Kippur, we- thousands of Israelis, men and women, religious and secular, Jews, Muslims, Christians- gathered to pray together and cry out. Now we turn to you, to take action with us… We promised ourselves we’d be different. After all, we, of all people are familiar with this all too well. The pain, hunger, helplessness, the indifference of others. “Never again” we swore. We won’t let this happen; we are different. Have we already forgotten? Now is the time to wake up. To cry out for the millions of displaced persons, thousands of others under siege, mass public executions, the skies raining down never-ending fire…”

One of the heads of the campaign, Shivi Forman explained that the initiative focuses on children as “The decision we made was to take children out of the equation because children are children and they deserve assistance irrespective of how complex the reality might be.”

The campaign is one of several grassroots organizations through out Israel organizing clothing drives and donation points for Israelis to donate needed supplies.