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Israeli humanitarian team working in Guatemala

Israel was first responder to Guatemalan volcano eruption last week; Netanyahu confirms team working hard to assist.



Prime Minister Netanyahu gave a report on Israel’s humanitarian relief team that was dispatched to Escuintla, Guatemala last week to assist following the devastating volcano eruption that killed over 110.

Thousands have been displaced and approximately 200 people missing following the Fuego volcano eruption last week. Israel, as with majority of the world’s disaster, was one of a first responder to the crisis, arriving the day following the eruption.

Prime Minister Netanyahu confirmed during his weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday that “Last Wednesday I spoke with my friend, Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales, about dispatching a medical mission to Guatemala to help with the disaster. Last night I received a report about their work. They are already at work on the ground. They are showing Israel at its best and are really rendering assistance and saving lives. We are all proud of our mission and of our doctors.” The team consists of doctors, burn specialists and medics.

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that humanitarian aid, Israel’s Ambassador to Guatemala and his staff “organized and delivered immediate humanitarian assistance to the people of Escuintla following the devastating volcanic eruption that hit the region.

Guatemala officially opened its embassy in Jerusalem just a few days following the United States. Guatemala’s support for Israel began before the creation of the Jewish state when it voted in favor of the Partition Plan and the United Nations in 1947. It frequently defends Israel at the United Nations and votes against anti-Israel resolutions.




Photo: Israel doctors in Guatemala, Netanyahu Twitter, 2018