Israeli airstrikes reported on Syrian regime post Wednesday | Behold Israel

Israeli airstrikes reported on Syrian regime post Wednesday

Reports come following drone from Syria in Israel Sunday; IDF refuses to comment on reports; Netanyahu: The IDF is prepared to deal a difficult blow to our enemies.

An Israeli F-16 fighter jet (Reuters)

The Israel Air Force reportedly carried out airstrikes on a Syrian regime army post in the Golan Heights on Wednesday according to numerous reports from Arab media, including Qatar’s Al Jazeera.

Reports from Syrian rebels forces who initially reported the strike indicate that Hezbollah operatives were in the region close to Baath City where explosions were reported. Both Hezbollah and Syrian rebel forces deny the strikes were carried out by Israel.

The IDF has refused to confirm or deny the reports.

On Sunday, the IDF launched two Patriot missiles at a drone from Syria that infiltrated Israel’s airspace, reports that the drone may have been sent by Hezbollah, Assad’s regime or Russia. According to the IDF, the launch missed the drone, the UAV returning to Syria. The IDF Spokespersons Unit stated following the incident “Two Patriot air defense missiles were fired toward a drone which infiltrated Israeli airspace in the central Golan Heights. The drone returned to Syria. The IDF will not tolerate a breach of the State of Israel’s sovereignty.”

On Tuesday, speaking at a memorial marking a decade since the Second Lebanon War, Prime Minister Netanyahu referred to the war as “the promo in the struggle against the rise of Islamic extremists” warning that Israel would respond with an “iron first” against her enemies.

Speaking at ceremony at Israel’s national military cemetery Mt. Herzl and addressing the Knesset following, he stated that the “The first sparks of the collision between Islamic fundamentalism and the free world, and with the whole moderate world, we saw during the Second Lebanon War. Looking back, the war in Lebanon was a watershed in the relations between extremists and moderates in the Middle East. It was the promo in the struggle against the rise of Islamic extremists.”

He went on to speak of Israel’s strength and resilience during the war, stating “Hezbollah saw us as a weak country, lacking a strong backbone, with a society more feeble than a spider’s web that was tired of fighting and defending itself. But the war proved the exact opposite. For over a month we faced a combined campaign both on the front line and on the home front. The citizens of Israel showed strength and resilience, reservists were called to serve and showed up when called.”

Netanyahu stated “Our border with Lebanon remains quiet, but that is conditional on one thing, effective and continuous deterrence, not a one-time thing, but ongoing,” warning “I say to Israel’s enemies: We will respond with force to any aggression. Our enemies misjudged us ten years ago, I do not recommend that they try again. The IDF is prepared to deal a difficult blow to our enemies.”