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Israel unveils unmanned naval vessel “Seagull”

Following a demonstration on Monday, Elbit System’s unveils “Seagull” following three years of development


Israel’s Elbit Systems unveiled “Seagull”, its latest development in unmanned watercraft, during a demonstration on the coast of Haifa Monday.


With over three years of development the Seagull is a 40-foot, two-vessel system that can detect and destroy underwater mines by deploying technology such as robots and interceptors underwater. It can also fire torpedoes while operating for 96 hours and can be operated and controlled through a single Mission Control System. The Seagull can be launched from a port or landing craft.


Elbit explained that the system “provides unmanned end-to-end mine hunting operation taking the man out of the mine field. It provides mission planning, and on-line operation in known and unknown areas, including area survey, search, detection, classification, identification, neutralization and verification. It is equipped to search the entire water volume and operate underwater vehicles to identify and neutralize mines.”


General Manager of the ISTAR Division of Elbit, Elad Aharonson stating on Seagull “I believe that Seagull is a breakthrough solution that will bring about a revolution in underwater operations and meet the growing needs in Israel and abroad in the maritime arena.”


Israel continues to develop and excel in development of defense technologies, with naval defense development to protect Israel’s borders, gas fields and military.