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Israel successfully tests the Arrow 3 missile defense system Thursday

In joint drill, US Missiles Defense Agency and Israel’s Defense Ministry successfully test Arrow 3 missile defense system; Future cooperation and joint-development confirmed with future drills scheduled


Arrow 3


Israel’s Defense Ministry and the US Missile Defense Agency successfully tested the Arrow 3 missile defense system Thursday morning.

Israel’s Defense Ministry’s Administration for the Development of Weapons Yair Ramati confirmed the breakthrough, stating “We can confirm a complete success this morning. At 8:10 we launched the intercepting missile at the target and hit it. It is the best result possible.”

Israel Aerospace Industries and Elta, a branch under Elbit Systems, developed the Arrow 3. The defense system is equipped with advanced radar detection, the ballistic missile interceptor one of Israel’s most advanced defense systems. The Arrow 3 uses the Elbit’s Golden Citron command and control system which “calculates that defense plan against the missile, classifies the target, estimates the threat, and plans the interception, as well as taking the decision on when and how to fire the interceptor.”

The Arrow 3 can intercept rockets beyond earth’s atmosphere with high altitude capabilities. It can intercept more than five ballistic missiles within 30 seconds after its launch and can reach altitudes as far as over 62 miles.

According to the Director of the Israel Missiles Defense Organization, the Arrow 3 successfully targeted and brought down the launched target, stating “the missile successfully tracked the target and killed it.” Israel Aerospace Industries Chief Executive Officer Joseph Weiss stated that the Arrow 3 “is an important step towards one of the most important projects for Israel and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) becoming operational.”

The Arrow 3 is one of three defense systems designed to defend Israel against rocket attacks, along with the David’s Sling system that provides defense against medium to long-rang missiles, as well as drones, and the Iron Dome system protects against short to medium-range rockets.

The missile defense system has been in development and trials since 2008, the last test unsuccessful in December of 2014. The test failed as the Arrow 3 did not successfully lock on its target.

Both the United States and Israel will continue to cooperate on further developing the Arrow 3 with scheduled drills set for the coming months.