Israel prepares for heavy winter storm

Storm to continue through out the week, bringing much needed rain; Snow in Mt. Hermon


Israel is preparing for snow and a week of cold weather with forecasts of heavy rain to continue through out the country. The storm will bring much needed rainfall and lower temperatures through out the country.


The winter storm started in Israel over the weekend, both northern Israel and the Galilee region receiving the most rainfall over the weekend and a few centimeters of snow accumulating on Mt. Hermon and in the Golan Heights.


The winter storm will likely bring flooding in the center of Israel with a guarantee of flooding in the Negev desert. Snow will continue in northern Israel, with possible light snow in areas of the Galilee. Hail storms are also expected towards the end of the storm.


Israel’s coastal cities will experience heavy winds and rainfall, with predicted winds as high as 70-80 kph. Temperatures are to drop as low as 4 Celsius in Safed in northern Israel, 12 in Tel Aviv and 9 in Jerusalem.