Israel intercepts drone and military equipment en route to Gaza Strip

Reports of packages released to public on Tuesday after 10 packages with drone engines intercepted on Monday at Erez border crossing into Gaza Strip

Hamas militant with photographed with Israeli drone, Skylark

The IDF, Shin Bet and Ministry of Defense intercepted shipments of drones and military equipment to the Gaza Strip, Israel’s Defense Ministry reporting the smuggling attempts and releasing information of an ongoing investigation on Tuesday.

According to the Ministry of Defense, packages containing ten drone engines were found at the Erez border crossing on the Gaza-Israel border on Monday, as well as several dozen packages containing military and drone equipment intercepted over the past weeks. Rifle scopes, radio receivers, video transmitters, expansion devices for cellular phone signal as well as dissembled drone parts were found in packages to the Gaza Strip.

The Ministry stated on the interceptions “The equipment that was stopped was confiscated and an investigation has been launched into the people behind the smuggling attempts.”

An ongoing investigation in underway with limited details released to the public.