Israel to install security cameras in West Bank

Netanyahu tours West Bank, holds several meetings with security cabinet and IDF officials; IDF officials to meet with Palestinian Authority security officials Tuesday night

IDF soldiers patrolling in the West Bank (AP)

IDF soldiers patrolling in the West Bank (AP)

Israel’s Defense Ministry will install security cameras in the West Bank following the killing of Na’ama and Eitam Henkin in a drive-by shooting terror attack Thursday and several incidents of violence and increased tension in the region.

Following numerous meetings with Israel’s security cabinet and a tour with Israeli Border Police, IDF and security officials in the West Bank, Prime Minister Netanyahu stated on Tuesday that the cameras will be installed at junctions in the West Bank, “both on the ground and in the air, with connections to operations room. This is an important element of restoring security and foiling terror attacks” to “significantly increase active protection” with the intention “to use all means available to the State of Israel”. He stated that Israel is a “very powerful nation in terms of its army, its security forces and its technology to significantly increase its security on the streets.”

Netanyahu stated that the “greatest center of incitement in recent years is the Islamic Movement, and we will take care of them…We will break this wave of terror like we broke previous waves of terror. We are in ongoing contact with all out neighbors and are trying to make the facts clear despite the wave of falsehoods that he been disseminated – we have no intention of changing the status quo at the Temple Mount and have no intention of destroying mosques or building a Third Temple there” stating that Israel have “ongoing contact with the Egyptians, the Jordanians and many others” in order to combat Islamic extremism.

IDF officials are to meet with Palestinian Authority security officials Tuesday night to discuss cooperation and joint efforts to combat what Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas described as “military and security escalations”. Abbas reported on Tuesday that the Authority “want to reach a diplomatic solution through peaceful means and not another solution. We want to mitigate the chances of destruction and loss which will afflict both sides from this situation” as well as to “protect ourselves”.