Israel experiences third heat wave this month | Behold Israel

Israel experiences third heat wave this month

Temperatures to rise Sunday through Wednesday with temperatures as high as 46°C in Eilat


Israel will experience a third heat wave this month, the heat wave to be the highest temperatures in the country this year.

Temperatures are expected to rise as high as 40°C/104°F. Tel Aviv and Jerusalem’s temperatures are expected to be in the high 30’s with high humidity through out the center of Israel. The south of Israel (Negev) will be as high as 40°C and Eilat to reach highs such as 46°C.

Israel’s Parks and Tourism as well as Health Ministries have raised awareness in the public on the dangers of the high temperatures. Many national parks will be closed through out portions of the day due to the heat.

Both Israeli Police and Firefighting Forces have been prepared in drills in the event of brush fires which are common in Israel’s summer season.