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Israel to construct artificial islands off its coast

PM confirms creation of construction teams to begin process of creating artificial islands to deal with overcrowding and for relocating energy and infrastructure plants.



Prime Minister Netanyahu confirmed that Israel intends to move forward with the creation of artificial islands off Israel’s coast, a project he first attempted in 1996 during his first term as prime minister.

The creation of artificial islands will assist Israel in dealing with issues of overcrowding that is expected to become a significant obstacle for Israel mid-century. The artificial islands will allow Israel to clear land for more construction projects, as well as for moving infrastructure facilities, such as desalination and power plants.

Israel’s Bureau of Statistics released its annual report on Israel’s growing population, reporting 8,793,00 residents in Israel entering 2018, a population growth of 165,000 in 2017. There were a reported 180,000 babies born and an overall population growth of 1.9%.

During his weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu confirmed that he has already submitted a request for the formation of construction teams and researchers to move forward with the project, stating Sunday “I will submit for Cabinet approval the formation of a team that will move forward on the construction of artificial islands. Israel is one of the most crowded countries in the world; it is predicted that by mid-century it might well be the most crowded in the world.”

The prime minister addressed the cost and environmental concerns, stating “We have coasts on which we have built infrastructures such as desalination plants, power stations and other infrastructures. This proposal is designed to build, off Israel’s coasts, artificial islands that will absorb all these infrastructures, clear the coasts and of course provide more area.”

He explained that in 1996 “we started the project of artificial islands but it was halted due to opposition from environmental elements and there were also feasibility questions. What has happened since then, over the past 20 years, is that the technology of artificial islands has greatly changed and developed and it has also evolved in the sense of being more environment-friendly. We can answer all of the financial and ecological feasibility issues,” referring to the success of other countries in construction artificial islands.



Photo: Israel’s coast, Wikimedia Commons, 2017