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Israel begins sending relief delegations to Nepal

Homefront Command and IDF send delegations to Nepal; Field hospital to be built; Numerous Israeli NGO’s to assist in disaster relief

Magen David Adom

Magen David Adom

Israel sent a Magen David Adom paramedic delegation to Nepal Sunday, the IDF Homefront Command sending 240 IDF medics, doctors, search and rescue forces and aid workers to build a field hospital in Kathmandu.

Magen David Adom’s delegation set out for the region on Sunday with medical supplies and baby food. The Homefront Command delegation sent a first-responder delegation that included medics, logistics and search and rescue officers to Nepal to send information back to Israel about what is needed.

Magen David Adom delegations

Magen David Adom delegations

The HomeFront Command will build a field hospital and work with the Red Cross and NGO’s in the region providing assistance and aid.

Several Israeli NGO’s, including IsrAID are to send medical personal and doctors to assist in relief missions in the region as well.

Israel is again the first international country to send delegations following a natural disaster. In November 2013 Israel sent dozens of delegations to the Philippines following Typhoo Hagupit and to Japan in 2011 post Tsunami/Earthquake Tohoku.

Israeli President Rueben Rivlin stated on Saturday night right after the earthquake that, “Our hearts and thoughts are with the nation of Nepal who are dealing with a terrible disaster, and with our loved ones who are in danger and distress. Israel will extend its hand with a will to aid in search and rescue of the many injured… My blessings go to all the team undertaking this brave and humanitarian mission. I am proud of you and your staff for their speedy and impressive enlistment at such a time of need. This delegation of ‘messenger angels’ represents the universal values, in the spirit of our people and our country, and through you, I wish to thank each and every one of them.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke to the head of the rescue mission to Nepal, Colonel Yoram Lerdo Sunday evening stating, “You are being sent to an important mission. This is the real face of Israel – a country which does all in its power in such moments. We put our trust in you.”