Israel arrests Hamas terror cell in West Bank planning a bomb attack

Report just cleared for publication; 6 arrested, investigation ongoing

Sulfur and mercury fulminate found by Shin Bet

Sulfur and mercury fulminate found by Shin Bet

Israel’s Security Service (Shin Bet) arrested six Palestinians believed to have been plotting a bombing in Israel. The men were arrested and found with dozens of pounds of sulfur as well as mercury fulminate, substances used for making explosives. The report of the arrests were just made pulic.

This is the third arrest of Palestinian terror cells in the West Bank in the last month.

The arrested include:

Rejaa Khaled Rejaa Sabara, 22, of Brukin

Mehmed Yussuf Zitawi, 26, a resident of Jama’in

Jasser Muhammad Sayed Abu Omar, 42, from Jama’in

Walid Muhammad Mahmoud Abu Zina, 26, from Jenin

Malek Raed Farouk Ghanem, 22, from Amatin;

Baha al-Din Fathi Mahmoud Suwan, 33, from Amatin

The operation was successfully due to the Shin Bet working closely with the Israel police. The operation uncovered the terror cell in the West Bank city of Qalqilya.

According to the arrested, they were drafted into Hamas’s military wing in Jordan and were trained in the Gaza Strip. They confessed to setting up base in Nablus where they made a bomb factory.

The Shin Bet and Israeli police are still investigating the situation.