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Israel Air Force receives first Arrow 3 interceptors

Arrow 2 & 3 systems and interceptors upgraded; IDF receives Arrow 3 interceptors on Wed.


Photo: Israel Defense ministry


Israel received its first anti-missile interceptors for the Arrow 3 missile defense system on Wednesday during a ceremony held on the Palmachim Air Base.

The Arrow 3 has been in development by both the Israel Aerospace Industries and the US Missile Defense Agency. Both Israel’s Defense Ministry and the US Missile Defense Agency delivered the first shipment of advanced rockets to the Israel Defense Forces on Wednesday.

The Arrow 3 tested successfully in December of 2015, each Arrow 3 missile costing over $2 million dollars.

Israel’s Defense Ministry stated on the acquirement “The advent of the Arrow-3 as an operational system of the air force is a significant step up in the air defense of the State of Israel, and along with the Arrow-2 will reduce any chances of any harm to the State of Israel.”

The Arrow 3 was developed to defend against long-range threats and is capable defending from threats of long distances and outside of the atmosphere. It is one of Israel’s three-tier missile defense systems, which include the Iron Dome for short-range rockets and David’s Sling for mid-range rockets.

In addition to acquiring the interceptors, both Arrow 2 and Arrow 3’s systems, radars and interceptors have been upgraded

The United States and Israel will continue to develop the Arrow 3 and coordinate efforts to improve the system where capable.The Arrow 3 has been under development for a total of 17 years. The Arrow project began  as part of the Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars) in 1988 under the Reagan Administration. The Arrow 3 allows for defense from threats further from Israel’s borders, like Iran.


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