Israel Air Force carried out airstrikes near Damascus on Hezbollah arms convoy and Syrian military target | Behold Israel

Israel Air Force carried out airstrikes near Damascus on Hezbollah arms convoy and Syrian military target

Airstrikes carried out overnight on Hezbollah arms convoy, Assad regime military compound hit; Reports claim strikes carried out from Lebanese airspace



The Israel Air Force carried out airstrikes near Damascus on Wednesday, targeting a Hezbollah arms convoy as well as a Syrian army arsenal.

Numerous Arab media stations reported the strikes early Wednesday morning, the IDF, as with majority of covert operations in Syria, neither denying nor confirming the strikes.

The strikes were carried out on an attempted arms convoy en route to Hezbollah on the Damascus-Beirut highway in west Syria, as well as near the town of As’saboura.

Reports confirmed that a Syrian Army’s Fourth Battalion arsenal was hit, with numerous reports claiming the arms convoy was a Syrian army vehicle. Syrian media reported four explosions in the early hours of Wednesday at a Syrian Army military compound claiming Israeli Air Force jets carried out the strikes from Lebanese air space.

Syrian media reported that Israeli fighter jets fired two missiles, reporting no injuries or casualties.

The strikes come following two previous Israel Air Force strikes on Syria earlier this week. The first was in retaliation for mortar fire and gunfire at IDF soldiers on the border region with Syria Sunday morning. The Israel Air Force (IAF) strike killed four Islamic State affiliated terrorists, the first time the IDF has clashed with Islamic State affiliated terrorists in Syria on Israel’s border.

One day later, the IAF carried out a second round of airstrikes destroying an ISIS-linked terror cell in southern Syria. The IDF stated on the strikes “The IDF will continue to spare no effort to defend the Israeli public while maintaining the military’s freedom of operation in Israel’s sovereign territory, and it will not hesitate to counteract terrorist organizations threatening Israel.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu warned ISIS and all terrorist organizations against threatening Israel’s borders, stating following the attack “We are well prepared on our northern border and will not allow Islamic State elements or any other hostile elements to use the war in Syria to establish themselves close to our borders. We will not let Islamic State operatives, or other operatives under the auspices of the Syrian war, establish themselves along our borders.”