Israel Air Force begins installation of David’s Sling missile defense system | Behold Israel

Israel Air Force begins installation of David’s Sling missile defense system

System to be tested over coming weeks and fully operational in short time; Arrow 3 still under development


David’s Sling (Israel Defense Ministry)

The David’s Sling missile defense system (also known as the “Magic Wand” and “Stunner) will be fully functional in the coming weeks. Israel’s Air Force began receiving the system from both the US Missile Defense Agency and Israel’s Defense Ministry on Tuesday. Both the Pentagon’s Defense Agency and Israel Defense Ministry successfully completed the final trials for David’s Sling in December of 2015.

The defense missile system can intercept short to medium range missiles, aircraft, drones and guided projectiles at up to 160 kilometers distance. David’s Sling is part of Israel’s defense weaponry- that of the Iron Dome system and Arrow 2, with the Arrow 3, designed to defend against long-range missiles, still under development.

The defense system was developed by Israel’s Rafael and the United State’s defense contractor Raytheon, with the system’s Multi Mission Radar developed by the Israeli Air Force subsidiary Elta.

Israel’s Defense Ministry confirmed that “After a series of concluding trials of the David’s Sling aerial defense system, Israel’s Missile Defense Organization at the Defense Ministry, together with the US Missile Defense Agency, began delivering major components of the system to the Israeli Air Force. David’s Sling will allow Israel to more effectively defend against the wide range of current and future threats to its civilians…

The Israeli Air Force will begin testing David’s Sling, the system to be operational in the coming weeks.