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Islamic Movement chief sentenced to 11-months in prison

Following numerous appeals from 2014, Salah to serve 11-months in prison for ongoing incitement; 20,000 sue Facebook for incitement


Head of the Islamic Movement Northern Branch in Israel, Raed Salah, will serve an 11-month prison sentence for ongoing incitement on the State of Israel.

Salah was convicted on incitement charges in March of 2014 for sermons calling for uprisings and violence from 2007. Appeals were made to a then 8-month prison sentence, as well as an appeal to lengthen his sentence to 3.5 years, Salah finally sentenced to 11-months.

Salah has called for an end to the “Zionist occupation” as well as redemption “with spirit and with blood” for Al-Aqsa, through martyrdom and violence.

He will be incarcerated on November 15 of this year.

Israel and various pro-Israel advocacy groups continue efforts to combat Palestinian and Arab incitement. On Tuesday, Shurat Hadin, a pro-Israel NGO, announced that it filed a lawsuit against Facebook combatting incitement on the social media platform. A reported 20,000 Facebook users are part of the class action suit in New York.