Iranian troops preparing for ground offensive with Syrian Army & Hezbollah | Behold Israel

Iranian troops preparing for ground offensive with Syrian Army & Hezbollah

Hundreds deployed over past 10 days; Russia carries out more airstrikes on rebel forces and Islamic State; Russia continues to deny strikes on rebel forces, claims transparency


Hundreds of Iranian soldiers of the Revolutionary Guard are preparing for a ground offensive in Syria with the Syrian Army and Hezbollah.

According to reports from Lebanon, the Iranian troops have been deployed in Syria with arms over the past 10 days.

Meanwhile, Russia conducted additional airstrikes on Islamist groups in northern and central Syria. While Russia confirmed its airstrikes on ISIS, the Free Syrian Army reported several strikes on rebel forces as Russia advances its military assistance to Assad’s Regime.

Russia began its airstrikes in Syria Wednesday after the Russian parliament approved military action in Syria. Russia continues to claim that its military actions are in support of Syria and only targeting ISIS, the Russian Defense Ministry reporting 8 positions on Wednesday.

Both French and United States officials have addressed Russia striking rebel forces Wednesday, Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov responded that “Rumors that the targets of these strikes were not IS positions were groundless.” Russia’s Ambassador to France Alexander Orlov stated that, “There has been a certain war of disinformation for some time and everyone is trying to discredit each other and that Russia is “acting transparently”.