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Iran warns Arab states against becoming Israel’s ally

In two-day conference in Tehran attended by over 80 state delegations, Iran calls on Arab states to not become Israel’s ally, whilst encouraging a Palestinian intifada; Iran: Israel is trying to change their enemies within the pro-Palestine Arab and Islamic countries into their allies



Amidst growing relations between Israel with Arab states in the common fight against radical Islam and terror, Iran held a conference in support of Palestinians, calling on Arab states to not only cut off its ties with Israel, but also called on the Palestinians to resist the “Zionist regime” and for Arab states to support their resistance.

The conference, entitled “The 6th International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Intifada” was held on Tuesday and Wednesday in Tehran and was attended by delegates from over 80 states including delegations from Hamas, Hezbollah, varied Islamic Jihad groups and by states including North Korea, Syria and numerous African states.

The focus of the conference was to criticize Arab states for cooperation with the State of Israel, which Iranian President Hassan Rouhani referred to as a “Zionist plot for establishment of normal relations with Arab countries,” while calling on a Palestinian intifada.

Rouhani addressed the delegations, criticizing Arab states growing ties with Israel, claiming that Iran has “paid a heavy price for supporting the Palestinian nation and opposition to the Zionist regime’s actions,” vowing that the Islamic State of Iran “will continue its support with resolve and determination” of the Palestinian cause.

He heavily criticized such states, stating that the “the Muslim world should resist to restore the rights of the Palestinian nation and it should pay the needed price,” accusing Israel, which he referred to as an “occupying regime” of attempting to “normalize its situation,” stating that Israel “has for the first time referred to certain Arab countries as its allies against the resistance front, instead of describing them as its enemies,” referring specifically to Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and the United Emirates.

He stated that Israel is “trying to change their enemies within the pro-Palestine Arab and Islamic countries into their allies,” by “turning them against the resistance and its main supporter, Iran.”

The rhetoric of the conference comes following numerous outcries of support of Arab states in fighting radical Islam, what Netanyahu referred to last week during his diplomatic tour in the United States as “Radical Islam has two fountainheads: The radical Sunnis led by ISIS and before that, by Al Qaida, and the radical Shiites led by Iran. The Arab countries are threatened by both, and when they look around they say ‘who is going to help us from these twin threats?’ Well, there is one country in the region that’s powerful, that’s determined, that’s resolved to fight this common enemy- and that is Israel. So they don’t view us anymore as their enemy, but increasingly they see us as their ally against a common threat.”

Also addressing the delegation, Iran’s Supreme Ruler Ayatollah Ali Khamenei referred to Israel as a “cancerous tumor, since its start,” that has “grown incrementally and its treatment must be incremental too.”