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Iran unveils newest underground missile depot

Video footage released shows Revolutionary Guard missile depot; Salami claims Iran to continue missile development as long as Israel “occupy the Islamic lands” and as long as USA “support the Zionist regime”; Israel’s Energy Minister calls for Israel & USA to “increase intelligence sharing in order to ensure that Iran is not breaching its nuclear agreement through involvement in North Korea’s nuclear project”


Iran’s Revolutionary Guard unveiled its latest underground missile depot, Iran’s Parliament speaker Ali Larijani inaugurating the site on Tuesday.

Iran released a video of the site with precision-guided missiles that hold capabilities of carrying nuclear warheads in yet another violation of the 2010 United Nations Security Council resolution.

The Emad precision-guided missiles were previously tested in October of 2015 and are the second underground missiles unveiled in violation of UN resolutions.

Iran continues to develop its military capabilities, specifically its missile program. Last week, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani ordered the continuation in development of Iran’s missile programs, Revolutionary Guard Brigadier General of the Revolutionary Guard Hossein Salami claiming that Iran’s underground facilities are “overflowing” and that “We lack enough space in our stockpiles to house our missiles. Hundreds of long tunnels are full of missiles ready to fly to protect your integrity, independence and freedom.”

Following the United States warning Iran of further sanctions after it tested missiles in December, Salami stated that “the Americans speak about Iran’s missile development program and they want to impose new sanctions on Iran… We tell the Americans that we will further expedite enhancement of our missile capabilities as long as they massacre the Palestinian children, as long as they bury Yemen’s oppressed children in their houses, as long as they displace the Muslim nation of Syria, as long as they attack the houses of the Pakistanis, as long as they occupy the Islamic lands and as long as they support the Zionist regime to bomb Lebanon, Palestine and Syria.”

And on Wednesday, following the announcement that North Korea successfully tested a hydrogen nuclear bomb, Israel’s Energy and Water Minister Yuval Steinitz called that “Israel and the US should increase intelligence sharing in order to ensure that Iran is not breaching its nuclear agreement through involvement in North Korea’s nuclear project,” and that North Korea’s test “reminds us all that the most important mission is to prevent a similar thing from taking place in Iran: a nuclear agreement first and nuclear weapons later.”