Iran confirms delivery of Russian S-300 missile system by “end of year” | Behold Israel

Iran confirms delivery of Russian S-300 missile system by “end of year”

Arms deal reportedly completed with second in talks according to Lebanese media; Netanyahu addresses nuclear Iran in Italy visit, warns of future of sanctions relief contribution to funding nuclear Iran

S-300 Missille System (Reuters)

S-300 Missille System (Reuters)

Iran’s Defense Minister Hussein Dhaghan confirmed on Sunday that Russia and Iran have completed the arms deal of Russian S-300 surface-to-air missile system and that it will be delivered by the end of the year.

The confirmation comes after reports last week that Russia was demanding Iran end its previous lawsuit against Russia for not delivering the missile system. With the final nuclear deal just days away from likely passing in the United States Congress, Russia has already finalized its previous arms agreements with the Islamic Republic, having signed the arms deal and lifting its arms embargo in April.

The report was made by Lebanese media and additionally claims that Iran is in negotiations for yet another purchase for a reported 30 Russian-produced Sukhoi fighter jets.

Iran continues to swiftly develop and strengthen its military capabilities, while denying its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

During a visit to Italy, Prime Minister Netanyahu responded to reports that Iran was only pursuing a “civilian nuclear program” stating to the press following a meeting with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Ranzi “Let me make clear, Matteo, that Israel doesn’t oppose a civilian nuclear program in Iran. We oppose a military nuclear program in Iran… The deal will give Iran within 13 years the ability to make as many centrifuges as they want, enrich as much uranium as they want to whatever level that they want, and this will put the Iranian Islamic state that practices terrorism worldwide, it will put it on the threshold of an entire nuclear arsenal.”

Ranzi and Netanyahu in Italy (AFP)

Netanyahu with Italian PM Ranzi (AP)

He went on to warn of the dangers of the nuclear deal and sanctions relief on Iran, stating, “investments to fuel its aggression and terrorism in the Middle East, in North Africa and beyond that. I think that this will make Iran far richer and far stronger militarily, and it will make it far more difficult to confront its nuclear ambitions in the future.”