Iran announces development and mass production of advanced missile system, Fateh 313

Newest missile system is 6th development of surface-to-surface capabilities; Iranian president claims military development not connected to nuclear deal; Iran confirms development and mass production of Fateh 313

Fateh 313

Fateh 313

Iran publicly revealed its newest military development Saturday, the Fateh 313 a surface-to-surface missile system with a range of 500 km.

Fateh 313 is the sixth development of Iran’s Fateh series that hold accurate and nearly precise target capabilities, Iran announcing the successful testing and mass production of the missile system on its National “Defense Industry Day”.

Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan stated that, “In our aerospace industry we have various ballistic missiles with different ranges under production and we will continue this path with maximum power in line with our defensive needs and proportionate to threats ahead of us.”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stated on live television following the public praise of the new missile system in a music video that the nuclear deal with world powers does not limit Iran’s military development and growth. He stated, “We will buy, sell and develop any weapons we need and we will not ask for permission or abide by any resolution for that. We can negotiate with other countries only when we are powerful. If a country does not have power and independence, it cannot seek real peace.”

Iran is known to have supplied Hezbollah with the Fateh 110 which can reach as far as Tel Aviv since 2006, confirmed by Hezbollah head Hassan Nasrallah.