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Iran and Russia negotiating $10 billion advanced weapons systems deal

Iran confirms it will continue ballistic missile testing; Russia and Iran in new arms deal negotiations worth $10 billion


Russia and Iran are currently in negotiations for an advanced weapons systems deal worth approximately $10 billion. The arms deal would provide Iran with artillery systems, aircraft, T-90 tanks and more.

Head of Russia’s Federation Council’s Defense and Security Committee, Viktor Ozerov, was reported as confirming that talks “are ongoing, the ground has been prepared, the portfolio amounts to around $10 billion… The U.S. and its allies will obviously try to block these deliveries, but we will continue these talks”, referring to delivery of such arms deals as subject to approval by the United Nations Security Council until 2020 as per Iran’s nuclear deal with world powers.

The report of the future arms deal comes while Iran insists that it will continue to develop its missile program “with the framework of Iran’s defense policies”.

On Tuesday, Bahram Ghasemi of Iran’s Foreign Ministry stated in response to EU diplomats who held a meeting in Brussels Monday, calling on Iran to refrain from any future ballistic missile tests. Ghasemi stated in response “Iran’s defense capabilities cannot be compromised and are under no circumstance negotiable. Missile tests are conducted within the framework of Iran’s defense policies.”