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India expected to close $3 billion arms deal with Israel

India-Israel relations continue to develop as India prepares to finalize arms deal with Israel ahead of PM Modi’s visit to Israel


India is expected to close a $3 billion arms deal with Israel in the near future, media reports from India confirming that their Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is to seek approval for completing the arms deal.
Israel’s Ministry of Defense along with Israel Aerospace Industries and Rafael have been in negotiations with India on the major arms deal since 2014, the purchase a result of India’s Prime Minster Narendra Modi’s efforts to increase India’s security and increase relations with Israel. Diplomatic ties were reinstated between Israel and India in 1992. Modi’s government has been active since May 2014, his government focused on combatting increased tensions with Pakistan and China.
A source from the Indian Defense Ministry confirmed ongoing negotiations and progress in the status of the arms deal, stating that “There have already been more than 20 meetings between the sides following disagreements in the price… It should be cleared by the [committee] within a month or so…We are attempting to bridge the gaps between the two sides.”
The arms deal reportedly includes 64 laser systems for the Indian Air Force as well as 250 precision-guided bunker busting bombs.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to visit Israel this month, reports claiming the arms deal will be signed and finalized before his visit.