IDF-US European Command joint military exercise “Juniper Cobra 16” ends Monday | Behold Israel

IDF-US European Command joint military exercise “Juniper Cobra 16” ends Monday

Military exercise a success after two weeks; Dunford states “true integration” between IDF and US military


“Juniper Cobra 16”, the joint military exercise between the IDF and United States European Command, ended on Monday with the Israeli Air Force testing Patriot missiles near Palmahim. While the drills were conducted only by the IAF, the testing was scheduled for the end of the exercise.


The exercise was the 8th conducted and focused on improving coordination and cooperation between US EUCOM and the IDF, specifically in missile defense. According to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, the drills are to “improve cooperation and coordination between the two militaries and bolster ballistic missile defense capabilities…This exercise provides an opportunity for both militaries for joint learning and training” and is an additional step “in strategic relations between Israel and the U.S., and it will greatly contribute to regional stability.”


Visiting Israel for the exercise and evaluation, Marine Corps Gen. Joseph F. Dunford stated that the exercise “was to demonstrate interoperability, if not true integration” between the IDF and US military and that “the feedback I had from the joint task force commander, [Air Force Lt. Gen. Timothy M. Ray]… and the rest of the team is they felt pretty good about where they are.”