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IDF presence on Egyptian border increased as security precaution

Israel reinforces security on border with Sinai following terror attacks; Netanyahu sends condolences to Egypt

IDF forces on Egyptian border

IDF forces on Egyptian border

Israel has begun to reinforce its security on the border with the Sinai Peninsula as a safety precaution following terror attacks in Sinai Wednesday. The safety precautions include increase in IDF patrols as well as temporary closing of the Kerem Shalom border into the Gaza Strip as well as Nitzana border crossing into Egypt.

At least 100 were reported killed including 64 Egyptian soldiers following simultaneous staged attacks by Islamic militants in the Sinai. Attacks included a suicide car bombing and attacks on checkpoints.

The security measures are in cooperation with Egypt, both Egypt and Israel consistently cooperating on security issues in the region. Israel and Egypt have been at peace since the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty in 1979 following the Camp David Accords in 1978.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and Egyptian President President al-Sisi have worked together since the overthrow of former President Morsi in 2013, Egypt strict and consistent in its military campaigns to remove radical Islamists and terrorists from Egypt with major military operations within the Sinai to eradicate terror cells.

Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the terror attacks in the Sinai and send condolences to Egypt Wednesday evening. He stated, “We send our condolences to the Egyptian Government, the Egyptian people, and the families of those massacred by this gruesome terror… We are partners with the Egyptians, and many other states in the Middle East and the world, in our battle against radical Islamic terrorism. This terrorism is directed by two different entities- Iran, and the radical Shiites, and ISIS and the radical Sunnis, as well as factions like Hamas.”