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IDF preparing for possible incursion from Syria

Drills being held over past two weeks in northern Israel; IDF releases footage of prevented infiltration attempt on border from April

IDF soldiers on the Israeli-Syrian border (Reuters)

IDF soldiers on the Israeli-Syrian border (Reuters)

The IDF is preparing for a possible incursion in Syria according to Israeli media and IDF drills reported Monday evening.

According to reports, the IDF has been conducting drills in northern Israel not far from the border with Syria over the past two weeks. The drills have reportedly been focused on response to infiltration and incoming attacks from Syria. Artillery and tank units have been part of the drills, as well as Israel’s Air Force, including helicopters.

The IDF also released footage from April 26 of four Druze from Syria attempting to plant bombs on the border fence with Israel. The terrorists were stopped and killed by precision bombing.

While rebel forces continue to fight Assad’s regime, the Syrian Army controls the Quneitra region along Israel’s border as well as the Druze village of Hader, a major security concern for Israel as it is close to Israel’s borders and Quneitra leads to Damascus.

Over the weekend, Hezbollah head Hassan Nasrallah marked the anniversary of the Second Lebanon War of 2006 (referred to as the “Divine Victory”) calling for the “defeat of Israel” and stating that “Every piece of Lebanese land will be a fortified trench that will destroy your ranks and kill your soldiers and their officers and your army will be defeated… We managed to be victorious in 2006 despite the split in the country. If we were divided and won, then what will happen when we are united?”

Early this summer, the IDF and Homefront Command held civilian and military drills through out Israel in the event of attacks from Lebanon and Syria. The IDF has also conducted several airstrikes in Syria and Lebanon to stop arms shipments.