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IDF destroyed Hamas terror tunnel in Gaza Strip Saturday

Ninth tunnel destroyed this year; IDF on high alert and increases forces ahead of US embassy opening in Jerusalem Monday and Nakba Day on Tuesday.

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The IDF destroyed a Hamas terror tunnel in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, the ninth tunnel destroyed this year.

The Israel Air Force carried out airstrikes on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, confirming “Using advanced technology, the IDF was able to locate, track, and destroy the half-mile-long terror tunnel.” It confirmed that the tunnel did not enter Israeli territory.

The tunnel ran close to the Erez border crossing used predominantly for humanitarian aid. The IDF confirmed that “Despite Hamas’s terror activity, six trucks with medical supplies will cross into Gaza tomorrow.”

In April, the IDF detected and destroyed a Hamas terror tunnel that infiltrated into Israeli territory. The tunnel entered Israel close to Kibbutz Nahal Oz near the northern border of the strip with Israel. The IDF reported that it had been monitoring the tunnel for some time and that they had sealed the tunnel with cement over the weekend.

The IDF previously destroyed two tunnels in March of this year. The tunnels were located after the IDF responded to an explosive device detonated on the Gaza border targeting Israeli soldiers. In February, the IDF destroyed an “underground infrastructure”, which it later confirmed was a tunnel.

Mid-January, the IAF confirmed it destroyed a terror tunnel that entered under the Kerem Shalom border crossing. The tunnel ran close to 1.5 kilometers and entered 180 meters into Israeli territory. It also entered Egypt near the Rafah border crossing.

Israel and Egypt continue to destroy Hamas and other terrorist groups’ tunnel networks in Gaza and on its borders.

Saturday’s incident falls before Nakba Day, the Palestinian’s “Day of Catastrophe” to be held of Tuesday and will follow the United States Embassy move tomorrow. The IDF and Israel’s internal security agencies have been on high alert, a spokesman reporting, “This coming week, Hamas plans on using escalated riots and demonstrations in order to commit terror activities, but the IDF is prepared to combat this and keep the citizens of Israel safe. The IDF is prepared for what Hamas is planning, the different hostile events on the 14th and 15th, this coming week. We will have three infantry brigades deployed, two in Gaza and one in Judea and Samaria.”




Photo: IDF destroys Hamas tunnel in Gaza, Screenshot, 2018