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IDF deploys Iron Dome systems in southern Israel

Following rocket attacks on Israel this week, IDF deploys Iron Dome batteries in southern Israel following ‘Turning Point 15” nationwide drill all week; Hezbollah head warns Israel of war with Lebanon

Iron Dome (Reuters)

Iron Dome (Reuters)

The IDF deployed Iron Dome missile defense batteries through out the south of Israel Friday, following a week of drills and training through out the week conducted by the Home Front Command, IDF, Israeli Air Force, Magen David Adom paramedics, Israeli police and city municipalities.

The drills, known as “Turning Point 15” were created and held nationwide in preparation in the event of a three front attack from surrounding neighboring countries.

There were recently two rocket attacks on Israel, one on May 26 in which Israel’s Air Force responded to four targets in response and again on June 3 when three rockets were fired on Israel, the IAF responding with airstrikes on three targets in the Gaza Strip.

In both rocket attacks, Hamas claimed no responsibility and arrests of culprits, in the second attack Omar Brigades officially claiming responsibility for the attacks.

Hassan Nasrallah, head of the Lebanese Shiite terrorist organization Hezbollah, warned Israel of the consequences of a war with Lebanon. Speaking in Beirut, Nasrallah stated “I clearly say to Israel: the Resistance [Hezbollah] threatens to displace millions of Israelis in the next war if imposed on Lebanon. If you push 1.5 Lebanese from their homes, the Islamic resistance in Lebanon will force millions of Israelis from their homes…We are not afraid of your war or of your threats.

He added, “If you assume that we are busy in Syria, then you are wrong because this changes nothing in how we deal with our enemy.” His remarks on Syria come after reports that the Israeli Air Force conducted two airstrikes on the Syrian-Lebanese border on Tuesday. Both Israeli media and Hezbollah denied the attacks, the IDF refusing to comment.