IDF airstrike kills 5 Islamic Jihad culprits of Thursday’s rocket attacks | Behold Israel

IDF airstrike kills 5 Islamic Jihad culprits of Thursday’s rocket attacks

IDF confirms Palestinian Division of Iranian al-Quds Force responsible for rocket attacks, kills militants in airstrike

IDF soldiers at the scene of yesterday's rocket attacks (Ancho Gosh)

IDF soldiers at the scene of yesterday’s rocket attacks (Ancho Gosh)

The Israeli Air Force conducted a second round of airstrikes on Friday morning targeting a vehicle with a squad of 5 Islamic Jihad responsible for the four rocket attacks on Israel Thursday evening.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard orchestrated the attack and according to Israeli intelligence the head of the Palestinian Division of the Iranian al-Quds Force, Saeed Izadi, planned the attack.

An IDF source told Israeli media, “We targeted a vehicle this morning in which there were at least four people. We were monitoring this cell and it was attacked some 10-15 kilometers from the border, on territory firmly in the control of the Syrian military. This is an Islamic Jihad cell directed by Iran.”

Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon stated following the rocket attacks that, “What we have seen tonight is just a coming attraction for a richer and more murderous Iran. This is the intention of the bloody regime from Tehran, and the Western world cannot just sweep that fact under the rug.” He stated on Friday morning that, “We have no intention of compromising on this issue, and I suggest no one test our resolve on this matter.”

On Thursday night the Israeli Air Force struck 14 Syrian army posts in retaliating for the rocket attacks on Israel. It was the first attack by Israeli on Syria in decades. The Syrian Army reported following the attacks that, “The enemy aircraft struck a military position in the area of Quneitra at 11:30 p.m., martyring one and wounding eight soldiers.”