IAF responds to three rocket attacks on Israel early Thursday | Behold Israel

IAF responds to three rocket attacks on Israel early Thursday

3 rockets fired at Israel; Omar Brigades take responsibility for attack; IAF hits targets in Gaza Strip, Hamas military training facility reported hit

IAF airstrikes on Gaza (Reuters)

IAF airstrikes on Gaza (Reuters)

The Israeli Air Force responded to three rockets fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip Wednesday night. Airstrikes were held early Thursday, the IDF confirming it hit Hamas affiliated sites in the Strip.

According to Hamas media, a Hamas military training ground was hit in Central Gaza.

The Omar Brigades, a Salafist group, claimed responsibility for the attacks. The group is supportive of the Islamic State.

No injuries or damages were reported from the rocket attacks on Israel Wednesday night.

IDF Spokesperson Lt. Col. Peter Lerner stated following the attack that the IDF ““will act against the aggression, will act against those that wish to terrorize Israel and will act to protect Israelis in the line of indiscriminate Gaza rocket fire”.

And on Thursday morning Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon stated on the attacks that, “even if last night’s shooting at Israel was by errant global jihadist groups who wish to challenge Hamas by firing at us, we consider Hamas responsible for what happens in the Gaza Strip and we will not tolerate attempts to harm our citizens. We will not compromise on the security of Israeli citizens and we will not agree to return to a reality of a drizzle of rocket fire.”