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How to enter the raffle to win a free trip to Israel!

Many people are asking the details on how to enter the raffle and we wanted to explain it clearer for everyone to be able to participate. We also made it a bit easier, so tune in!


The raffle includes three prizes:

1st place: A free spot on one of our 2018 Bible Prophecy Study Tours

2nd place: Flight + airfare to the “Understanding the Times Conference” in Minnesota in October. This will include a one-on-one lunch with me!

3rd place: A box of Behold Israel resources, including our DVD’s and a signed copy of my book (when it will be released).

Our goal with this raffle is to increase our ministry’s efforts and presence online. You can help us in doing this and in return, we will add you to the raffle. You can be added up to five times!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. If you haven’t already, register to our weekly newsletter via our website:
  2. Like our Behold Israel Facebook page and share our page using the hashtag, #beholdisrael
  3. Subscribe to Behold Israel Youtube channel and comment on our videos. In order to subscribe to our channel, you must have a Youtube account. If you do not have one, simply share our Youtube channel or one of our videos on social media using the hashtag, #beholdisrael
  4. Follow our Instagram account (BeholdIsrael) and then share our Instagram using the hashtag, #beholdisrael
  5. Follow us on Twitter (@BeholdIsrael) and share our Twitter page using the hashtag, #beholdisrael

With all of the following, make sure you indicate Behold Israel (#BeholdIsrael & @BeholdIsrael). This will allow us to find you and add your name to the raffle!

IMPORTANT: If you did all the above, your chances of winning are five times more likely as we will enter your name from these five options/shares to the raffle.

Remember- doing all of these things helps expand our ministry’s efforts globally- so help us spread the word so that all may Behold Israel!