Hezbollah claims Israel exploded spying device in Lebanon | Behold Israel

Hezbollah claims Israel exploded spying device in Lebanon

Reports come on same day Netanyahu confirms Israeli operations in Syria


The reported device

Hezbollah claims that Israel remotely detonated and exploded a surveillance device in southern Lebanon on Tuesday. According to various Lebanese media and Hezbollah’s Al-Manar news station, the explosion injured two construction workers near the device.

There have been numerous reports of Israel destroying spying devices. The IDF refused to comment on this incident as it has with past incidents.

The report comes on the same day Prime Minister Netanyahu confirmed Israeli operations in Syria. Netanyahu stated that Israel is “operating in Syria from time to time in order to stop the country from becoming a front against Israel… We are [Israel] operating against another terror front that Iran is trying to build in the Golan, and in order to thwart the transfer of particularly deadly weapons from Syria to Lebanon. We will continue doing this.”

Most recently, Syria reported that Israel’s Air Force carried out airstrikes on Syrian army and Hezbollah targets on Saturday. According to reports, Hezbollah militants and soldiers of Assad’s regime were killed in the strikes. Reports from Lebanon claim that the attacks were near Qalamoun, a major transit point for Hezbollah militants and equipment. Qalamoun is the same region Israeli airstrikes were reported two weeks ago.